Rain and Embers

Ali Nuri

Rain and Embers follows the journey of a refugee, venturing from barefoot in the desert sands to lost in the urban jungles of America. Reflecting on both physical and emotional displacement, the common thread that carries throughout is the often futile search for home in a troubled and isolating world.

This collection of poems offers an exploration of fractured identities, acceptance, and finding a place to call home. When all the ashes wash away, beauty remains in the wreckage, waiting to bloom once more.


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An urgent and necessary study in dualities, Ali Nuri offers a migrant’s perspective on what it means to be torn between East and West, sun and moon, the past and the present. Following the story of a refugee in a constant state of flux, Rain and Embers encapsulates the human condition -one where a sense of belonging is elusive amidst an ever-changing landscape.